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Glaze is NOT your normal doughnut, NOT your normal event, and definitely NOT your normal company. Our doughnuts are Gluten Free, hand crafted and hot. Our goal is to be the "wow" factor at the wedding that nobody can stop talking about or the new "icing" on the cake at celebrations. Whether its an intimate interactive tasting event, boutique and festive affair for birthdays and celebrations or the morning jump start-afternoon amp up for corporate meetings, We create some of the most unique and delicious nuts around to make your events and occasions memorable.

"Mmmm" is the uncontrolled emotional satisfaction of eating a Glaze gluten free doughnut. From the BOSS HOG (topped with a bourbon maple bacon glaze) to the BLANCHE DuBOIS (bruleed brandy banana with a butter pecan creme) these glazes and topping signal "game changer". Each one is served hand crafted, fresh and hot! Play with all the flavors to top your nut... or imagine your own.

It started when I was a kid... I think the best things always do ... as well as out of love--this is key. When I was a child, my mom worked nights sometimes. It was a little better pay and a little more opportunity. During those times you did what you had to so it would work, but it was also when I got the first taste. My mother would sometimes reward me with fresh, hot glazed doughnuts from the bakery just as they finished baking. When they arrived home, they still had that "sweet hot sticky" that makes a kid lick their fingers and ask for another. We would add extra cinnamon, cocoa powder or whatever we had to make them extra special. These are the memories of doughnuts... these are the memories of love. Welcome to Glaze.



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